55ton secondhand crane

55ton secondhand crane

Detailed Description
 Model:TG-550E tadano crane  
 Wheel base:
 1st: 1,520mm
 2nd: 3,815mm
 3rd: 1,350mm
 1st: 2,240mm
 2nd: 2,055mm
Dead weight in travel state: 39,200kg
 Axle load:
 1st axle: 12,950kg
 2nd axle: 25,630kg
Model of engine :RE8(NISSA DIESEL)
Travel speed:
 Maximum travel speed: 66 and 73kph
 Minimum speed: 2.7 and 4.3kph
Turning diameter
 Minimum turning diameter: 24 and 24m
 Minimum turning diameter at boom tip: 26.8 and 26.8m
 Minimum ground clearance: 285 and 285mm
 Braking distance: ≤10 and ≤10
 Maximum grade ability: 27% and 28%
 Fuel consumption: 2 and 2L
Lifting performance:
 Maximum total rated lifting load: 50t
 Minimum working radius: 3m
 Turning radius at swing table tail: 3,482mm
o Maximum load moment:
 Base boom: 1739.5kN.m
 Full_extent boom: 617.4kN.m
Outrigger extension distance:
 Longitudinal: 5.65m
 Lateral: 6.6m
 Lifting height:
 Base boom: 10.7m
 Full-extent boom: 40.5m
 Full-extent boom + jib: 56.3m
truck crane
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Product Origin: Japan TADANO
Model Number: TG-550E
Brand Name: TADANO

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